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aint that the mutha fuckin truth

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Iowa’s new medical marijuana law takes effect today
(PressCitizen) Iowa’s new medical marijuana law takes effect today, a month after Gov. Terry Branstad, who like many Republican lawmakers had previously been a steadfast opponent of medical marijuana legislation, signed a bill allowing parents to purchase a cannabis oil extract to lessen the effects of their children’s seizures.
Although the passage is being hailed as a victory by parents like the Stumpfs, they say the logistics of obtaining the medicine for their children will be a challenging one for many and a prohibitive one for others.
First, a neurologist who has treated the child for at least six months must determine that alternative treatment options have been exhausted before recommending the cannabis oil. Families must then apply for a cannabidiol registration card from the state. Then, because law does not allow the production of cannabidiol in Iowa, families must find an out-of-state source to procure it and navigate that state’s requirements, potentially behind a long waiting list of other families.
The Stumpfs hope to make a trip to Colorado — the closest state to Iowa to legally obtain the oil — in July, and will travel by car because the extract can’t be transported by airplane under federal law.
Between travel expenses and obtaining the medicine, the family expects it to cost about $1,000 for each trip. Because a patient cannot possess more than 32 ounces of the oil at a time, the Stumpfs are uncertain how frequently they will need to make the trip. They estimate it could be every three to six months.
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